Uk land exchange with Linden Homes


Exchange with Linden Homes

Linden homes Exchange with on land in a town in Bedfordshire with scope for 161 residential units.


As of Monday 9th of April Liden homes complete their exchange with Uk land to acquire 12.6 acres in Bedfordshire. Linden homes are set to submit a planning application for 161 units in the imminent future and hope to have a decision within 13 weeks.

Uk land have worked very close with linden homes and other professionals to create a residential development that is viable, deliverable and elegant in design. From Negotiations to exchange Linden Homes have remained professional and consistent in communication making this a great project to be a part of and UK land looks forward to future projects with Linden Homes.

CEO Kevin Heaney has been much involved in the project, working with Nick Laugharne a Land Director and Oliver Myrants-Wilson a Senior Land Manager at Linden Homes, Kevin said " Nick and Ollie have been great to work with and UK Land is very proud to be involved with this project which i believe is a great addition to the area." 


Further details are available on request. To contact us please fill out the contact form found on this website and a representative will be in touch.
Housing market starts to feel the chill

Housing market starts to feel the chill

The guardian report on housing market starting to slow showing lowest figures since 2013.

It was an announcement homebuyers and sellers barely needed to be told – Britain’s property market is going through its flattest period in the last five years. A report from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) found that demand from buyers, and new instructions from sellers, were down again, the lowest figures since 2013.

Last month, research from estate agency chain Your Move found house prices in parts of London – once at the centre of the UK property boom – have fallen as much as 15% over the past year. At the end of 2017, Rics predicted that there would be a drop in prices in the capital and the south-east as the cautious mood of last year continues. “Brexit is having a marked effect on sales and prices, reducing both by up to 10%,” said one surveyor.

What now for the market

For those who want to sell their home, there are ways to improve their position.

The first step is to ensure that estate agents are doing their jobs properly, says Paula Higgins, chief executive of the campaign group HomeOwners Alliance. Simple moves to make the home more attractive to a buyer can make the difference, says David Blake from Which? mortgage advisers. “It makes sense to try and get your property into a condition where someone viewing it wants to buy it. That might mean investing a bit of money.”.....

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National Planning Policy Framework


The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has produced the long awaited consultation draft of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

The document is restructured with the format reflecting the development process starting with guidance on the Local Plan process, thereby emphasising the importance of a plan led system. The document moves on to decision making, with emphasis on the benefits of pre-application engagement.

Paragraph 72 raises the potential for development of exception sites to provide entry level homes for first time buyers where a local need is identified.The importance of new settlements is emphasised in paragraph 73 in terms of providing large numbers of new homes.

A new Housing Delivery Test is introduced in paragraph 75 to measure each Local Planning Authority's (LPA) performance in delivering new houses, thereby driving up the construction of housing. In addition, paragraph 78 makes reference to LPAs having the option of imposing a condition requiring that the development commences earlier than the default three years. This option already exists but this is likely to become more regularly used.

A new standard method for calculating local housing need is included in the draft, together with the requirement that at least 10% of homes on major developments should be available for affordable home ownership.

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Goverment clamp down on local councils


'Nimby' councils which fail to build enough new homes will lose planning powers

Housing Secretary Sajid Javid warned local authorities he would be "breathing down your neck every day and night" to ensure home-building targets are met.

An overhaul of planning laws will see the creation of new rules to give councils targets for how many homes they should build each year.

They will take into account local house prices, wages and the number of "key workers" such as nurses, teachers and police officers in the area.

Higher targets will be set for areas with higher "unaffordability ratios", Mr Javid told the Sunday Times.

If councils fail to deliver on the target they will be stripped of planning powers, with independent inspectors taking over...

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