Kevin Heaney

CEO & Founder

Kevin founded UK Land in 2015 with great expectations for the business following on from his reign at the head of a national building company which became one of the largest development companies in Cornwall.

Kevin has always aspired to achieve great things in his business life, personal and even in the football world. He was the owner of Truro City Football club through a period where he led the club to achieve an English association football record for 5 promotions in 6 seasons, earning BBC sports team of the year award in the process.

Under Kevin's leadership Truro also won the FA Vase  at the new Wembley stadium in 2007, making them the lowest level club ever to win a Wembley final. His naturally high levels of expectation and determination played a huge part in these achievements and this approach is mirrored at UK Land.

Kevin has high aspirations for UK Land and takes reputation seriously. He believes working on a personal and honest level with local authorities, communities and land owners will deliver much needed housing and help to regenerate areas around the country in-line with the communities vision. 

Kevin has a very high success rate in delivering projects with his trademark driven attitude and making sure he always abides by his motto "Never say never".

Buying Land in the United Kingdom

What our customers say

Purchasing, development, promotion and sales of land UK
UK Land helped gain planning permission on our land before selling it on to developers. We were surprised at how quick and easy the process was. The team at UK Land ensured there were no hiccups along the way and generally made the whole sale very smooth. Alan Peters, Hertfordshire
Purchasing, development, promotion and sales of land UK