Conditional and unconditional offers on UK land

In the instance that a condition is not met, the offer falls through, however at UK Land we do everything in our power to ensure conditional offers are approved.

Unconditional offers provide both parties with a level of certainty, and security. It states that the buyer will follow through with the transaction on settlement day regardless of any changes to the site between the time of offer acceptance and sale. For the buyer, this means that the land is theirs, and sellers cannot accept a higher offer.

To discuss conditional and unconditional offers further, speak to one of our highly skilled team members.

Planning permission
Planning permission being granted
Satisfactory Appraisals
Satisfactory Appraisals being granted
Third Party Valuations
Third Party Valuations being met

What our customers say

Purchasing, development, promotion and sales of land UK
UK Land helped gain planning permission on our land before selling it on to developers. We were surprised at how quick and easy the process was, they ensured there were no hiccups along the way, and this made the whole sale very smooth. Alan Peters, Hertfordshire
Purchasing, development, promotion and sales of land UK